HFC Solutions from Pico Digital

Pico Digital's HFC (hybrid fiber-coaxial) connectivity, test, and signal processing solutions make you more productive by allowing you to arrange, maintain, and modify your equipment and facilities in the way that makes the most sense for you-whether you're delivering video to home subscribers, hotel guests, hospital patients, students, travelers, or any other kind of audience.

A selection of our newest and most popular products

Drop connectors, adapters, and filters
CATV drop, push-pull, high-gain, bi-directional, Satellite, and more
Tools, including locking terminators for hardline taps and splitters
Available in the size you need
Optical transmitters and nodes
High- and low-pass filters, slope equalizers, and attenuators
Digital multitaps, directional couplers and splitters
5 MHz to 1 GHz bandwidth performance
CATV and satellite options
Protect subscribers equipment from power current surges
1 GHz digital taps
Compression, hex-crimp, and locking terminator tools
Signal analysis meters